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Savannah Steve!


There’s one reason why you’re here. You need good music at your party. You want someone you can trust, with plenty of experience, knows how to get a crowd moving, AND you want it to be affordable. Look no further. Savannah Steve offers an excellent combination DJ/ Live Band package that will blow you away!

Of course you have the option to do just live music, or just DJ, whichever you prefer, but when you add them together it makes for a unique presentation and gives Savannah Steve a chance to show off his musical talents.

Savannah Steve is probably best know for his beachy “One Man Island Band” presentation, which features the DJ/ Live Band package, and is an excellent choice if you’re having a beach style wedding! But don’t worry, he will sport shoes, socks and all necessary attire if you are having your event away from the beach. He does clean up well!

Savannah Steve! "the One Man Island Band & DJ service"

With Savannah Steve you will undoubtedly get the best of both worlds in one dynamic package! Firstly, Savannah Steve is a talented musician, having performed keyboards, guitar and vocals with several professional bands in the New York tri-state region since 1976. Around 1990, Stephen decided he'd had enough of NY and traded his black leather look for a cleaner, gentler Southern lifestyle of flip flops and Hawaiian shirts. Now, after 20 years of dedicated service, Savannah Steve has undoubtedly become the top choice of entertainers here in the Low Country! Those who know him from the palm studded Georgia beaches appreciate his breezy live renditions of your favorite Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, Beach Boys, Sinatra and SO much more. Now there is a whole new audience who enjoys his seemingly endless supply of upbeat DJ and Karaoke tunes spanning the generations. Young, old or in between will have no problem finding the music they truly enjoy!

Savannah Steve! –"entertainer extraordinaire!"

Unlike many DJ's who mysteriously hide behind their mountain of equipment, Savannah Steve is a seasoned entertainer who loves to interact with his audience by getting out on the dance floor! Savannah Steve has performed for literally thousands of weddings and special events during his career. Hey, it’s not bragging if it’s true! With this extensive experience, and let it be known, there is NO substitute for experience, the question is not what can Savannah Steve do, but rather what would you like Savannah Steve to do for you? Packages start at $250. Mac daddy high energy setups will run $800 and higher depending on location and how many bells and whistles. We love what we do, but the focus is always on communication with your guests!

                One Love, One Heart!

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